Stay in control of your systems, folders, and documents. Simplify your onboarding and offboarding processes – and much more.

Identity Governance and Administration

Reliably manage access to data, services and software in your company with our help

This is what you will achieve with us:

  • Enable smooth onboarding and offboarding of your employees according to the Identity Lifecycle Model.
  • Implement policy-based and centralized control of access controls and identity management.
  • Adhere to your compliance and governance policies.
  • Easily create reports for your auditing and recertification processes.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from our know-how and many years of experience with the tools Omada Identity (Cloud) and OGiTiX unimate.
  • – Rely on an established exchange of information through our close partnership with manufacturers.
  • Look forward to solutions that are close to the standard and implement an optimum with the appropriate tools.

Manage access and authorization for all users in your company effectively and securely.

Provide your employees with the rights they need throughout their time with the company.
Integrate all authorizations contained in your existing systems and applications into a higher-level, business-oriented role model – user-friendly by finding and consolidating.
Based on the role model, enable all employees in the company to order or approve the appropriate rights without the assistance of IT experts (admins). Prevent separate approval for toxic connections (SoD).
Review existing rights assignments and access complete documentation of existing assignments and responsibilities.
Benefit from automation of the assignment and revocation of rights by the system. Define company-specific sets of rules regarding the assignment of roles and rights.

Everything at a glance: Our experts support you in managing your identities and access rights.

Omada and Ogitix

Best solutions through close partnership

As a trusted partner of Ogitix and Omada , we pride ourselves on continuously training our semployees to best incorporate our core partners’ products and services into our projects.

As a Solution Partner, we focus on providing the best service and results for everyone we work with.

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