Steer your company safely through the data jungle and keep an eye on all costs with proven processes and an optimized IT architecture.

Everything in view

Our LeanIX expertise

LeanIX shows your entire software inventory – including all purchased, planned or self-developed services. This allows you to exploit the full potential of existing technologies, to make decisions faster and to actively drive change.

For LeanIX integrations and the development of individual LeanIX reports, we are uniquely qualified through many years of successful partnership. Discover new potentials with our enterprise architects.

  • Preferred Partner of LeanIX since 2014
  • Development of specific custom reports
  • Experience from a large number of LeanIX projects

Everything you need for a successful start

Our LeanIX Accelerator Kit

We complete your LeanIX reporting portfolio and make your IT landscape fit for digital transformation.

  • Use our already developed reports for an in-depth evaluation of your enterprise architecture information.
  • Discover further potential with our enterprise architects.

Full control over your corporate data

Data quality

Your systems are only as good as the data you use. Maintain and update it with the help of our integration and automation solutions and ensure high data quality in your company.

Your advantages:

  • Minimize your effort.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Adhere to defined quality criteria.

Transfer data from your own source systems – we help you integrate your systems with existing LeanIX tools.

Your advantages:

  • Leverage existing connectors and services.
  • Share architectural information between systems.
  • Learn to integrate data yourself.
  • Benefit from individually designed and developed connectors and services.

Keep unnecessary efforts for manual data modeling and quality improvement as low as possible.

Your advantages:

  • Save costs by minimizing manual activities.
  • Improve your data quality through regular quality checks.
  • Automate your data modeling.

One-stop shopping: If you choose our LeanIX Accelerator Kit, we will take care of the design and implementation of new custom reports for you and provide everything for you in the LeanIX Store.

Optimal workflow

EA Best Practice with LeanIX

Use the versatile functions of LeanIX to better understand your IT landscape and to adapt optimally to changing requirements.

With us, create the first benefits within just a few weeks of deploying your LeanIX instance.

This is how we support you:

  • Together with you and LeanIX, we work on a goal-oriented implementation of your EA tool and achieve a fast added value.
  • We support you in the configuration of LeanIX, the migration and the first evaluation of your data.
  • Together with our experts, you develop training concepts that are perfectly tailored to the EA core team in your company.

Your EA strategy, EA principles and EA processes.

This is what you achieve with us:

  • Develop your EA roadmap for the first 12-18 months.
  • Define your EA vision, EA strategy and goals.
  • Develop your first EA principles and EA processes.
  • Lay the groundwork for the introduction of EA committees and EA boards for decision-making and documentation.
  • Develop a communication strategy.

In a two-day workshop, define the EAM maturity level you want to achieve.

Your Workshop Outcome:

  • A site assessment (maturity level) of your EAM by our experts.
  • Your potential benefits through the use of EAM.
  • The necessary level of maturity, suitable for your needs.
  • Concrete measures for the start of your Enterprise Architecture Management.
  • Roadmap for improvements, based on your current -maturity level.

Profit from our know-how

We help you find the perfect EAM solution for you.

As part of our standardized approach to tool selection and evaluation, we work with you to develop:

  • 1
    your process for tool selection with all necessary steps up to the completion of a decision basis
  • 2
    your requirements and individual decision criteria
  • 3
    Transparency and traceability of all project and decision-making steps throughout the selection process.
  • 4
    An objective basis for decision-making on a selection of effective software tools.

After the process is complete, you decide on your optimal software product.

Your expert